Terms Of Service

Please note the following:

Packages cannot be transferred, or changed to another server once purchase is completed. If you use the package after purchase (queue skip), and it's operational you cannot request a refund, unless it's approved by admins (Within 60 minutes). We will always be reasonable if it's a genuine mistake, or multiple purchases for the same Steam64id.

Discord rank, or in-game features are not a valid reason for a refund, if you have any difficulties with using these please submit a ticket on Discord in the channel #admin_support. It is not our responsibility to hold your hand and read the TOS to you, by agreeing at checkout, you are agreeing to these TOS.

Chargebacks from PayPal without first talking to admins via discord will result in a permanent ban on all Servers.

If you have any problems after purchasing, please contact us via discord.